If you’re coming here not knowing much about us then first of all, welcome to the family.
We are MINOR FORMULA, an inhouse creative collective officially established in 2017. Driven towards change, facilitation of cultural expression and a common need for identity, we took it upon ourselves to build our own platform, forming our own community and collaborating with other like-minded artists, suppliers, photographers, models, musicians and other visionaries to make some serious positive movements towards creating heaven on earth.
We choose to be undefined by traditions and social normality and stand strong for what we believe in. With deep roots in music, youth, art and street culture we intend to inspire and facilitate growth, positivity, change and all forms of creative expression amongst forward thinking, conscious individuals.
We dream up our concepts taking inspiration from the lives we have lived and the world we intend to create. We then go on to design, hand print, embroider, finish and package each of the garments to ensure we deliver a product that you will be proud of.
You’ll see that most of our designs are an evolution or adaption of our motif, the sacred lotus flower. This symbolises and encompasses and important message for us, the lotus flower slowly grows under and out of the mud eventually blossoming into something strikingly beautiful despite the harsh environment in which it grew. As such, the lotus for us symbolises the woman/man who similarly, can often find themselves in unfavourable circumstances but nevertheless breaks through unharmed and uninfluenced by their surroundings into the lotus they were always intended to be.
MINOR FORMULA is more than just a clothing brand for us, it is a representation of hope through adversity, finding light in dark places as well as a reason for us all to be the best versions of ourselves. As we grow and aspire to our potential, we invite you to be a part of the journey. This is only the beginning.
chū yū ní ér bù rǎn
Grow out of the mud and keep your colour.