Eternal Questions

I am a human being, sentient and just like you. A speculating spirit locked into this relative reality in which we are compelled to exist and - despite age, inherited physical features and assigned gender we are all, every one of us, along with every single element encompassed within the universe made of the same ingredients.

we are all essentially the same.

Only 4.6 percent of the universe is comprised of ordinary matter (including protons, neutrons and electrons) whilst the other 95.4 percent is composed of the invisible, dark matter and dark energy. Although we cannot always see this, there is a common wholeness which inextricably binds us into a singular truth. We all share and are separated by the same space, are linked and divided in mind, want for the same pleasures and flee from the same fears as we, well some of us at least, ponder the same eternal questions.

There are many, many questions to ask and there are certainly more than the number of individuals asking them and infinitely more questions than the supply of answers. Nevertheless, we are compelled to ask these pressing questions. Without a purpose we have no meaning, without a destination we have no reason to drive, we are drawn to conflict which demands resolution and we must seek out the answers to grow and overcome these challenges. It is intrinsic to our nature.

One of the problems we have with all our thoughtful questioning, is that very often, the answers and your conclusion very much depends on how it is asked, who you are asking and ultimately your interpretation of the response. Despite the difficulties we face when comparing the surplus of varying opinions and facets of ideology it is certain that there we are bound by universal law and there are better ways to do things than others but there is not just one way to live – the real question is, what works for you?.

We have all been born into the age of information, whereby fact, fiction and the answers to almost every objective question is already at our fingertips. Unfortunately, however the sheer volume and intensity of distraction has encouraged us to ignore and overlook our innate desires and succumb to popular opinion.

Homo Sapiens, apparently distinguished from other animals by way of apparent superior mental development, power of articulate speech and our upright stance we possess the undisputable awareness of our own existence, actions and the ability to question. Through conversation, awareness is raised, and light is brought to the issues and conflict each of us face that we may have previously been ignorant to. When we realise that we know the problem exists we can proceed to find a solution and do something about it.

Now, I am not an academic nor a professional, nor am I any more qualified to ask or attempt to answer these questions than you are. But we can talk about these things, and I do hope, that through our thought-provoking discussions we give ourselves the space to question, contemplate and expand our understanding of the wider world we inhabit. Maybe one of us will figure out another piece of the puzzle.

Nevertheless, some of the earliest interrogations asked by the original of mind are still unanswered. Who are we? What are we? And what exactly are we supposed to be doing here? Let us begin here


What are you doing here?

Well, if we are talking about us as the human race on the whole, I would imagine that as we have found ourselves as the dominant species on the planet, at the pinnacle of the literal food chain with the largest brain to body ratio, a free and cognitive mind, with free will and on top of everything, opposable thumbs, It makes sense to me that our role in the scheme of things would be one of great significance.

The responsible stewardship and cultivation of the planet could be one reason we are here. Although the planet Earth is entirely autonomous and able to self-sustain without human intervention, we as human beings with developed strategies and technologies have gained that which should further enhance the planet and its productivity in the same way that a farmer will use arable and rotation farming techniques that, through thoughtful practice, make good use of a previously redundant field whilst both nourishing and enhancing its quality, productivity and use. Instead however we have found ourselves in the midst of end days. War, poverty, frequent disasters…the vast majority of which can be blamed on us.

Whether we realise it or not, we all enjoy a symbiotic relation with all the other energies and elements in the universe. And if we use the knowledge acquired of ages, we have a perfect opportunity to reap immeasurable benefits from the universe which serves us and in which we serve. The trees recycle the air giving us oxygen (and coincidently our lungs look like bare trees)

I mean, have you noticed or even thought about the fact that everything we want, everything we need to survive and flourish as a species is already here? Every foodstuff, every substance for our every need, every medicine and every solution to all our requirements, is already here.

We as humans don’t actually discover anything, we find stuff and work out how to use them. We don’t actually invent anything, again, we find stuff and find ways to put them together in ways that work for us, but the items were already here, components of our cosmos, just waiting for us to find.

Countless species of animals, insects, birds, life forms of every imaginable shape and size, every element, chemical and gas, every substance from the most valuable metal or gem down to the most basic rock or blade of grass conspire to make this planet perfectly suited to all our needs.                             It would seem to me that as human beings our duty to ourselves would be to make every, including ourselves, work together to make things better.

Now, that’s far too simplistic an answer to such an all-encompassing question I hear the cynical amongst you exclaim, and I see what you are saying. But everything doesn’t need to be complicated. From my point of view some of the most profound truths come from simple common sense and basic logic. Of course, we can explore the intricacies and details of running the planet to a much greater extent, it is obviously not an insignificant task, but first of all, we must get to grips with the basics.

My feeling is that to achieve the fulfilment of our collective meaning, to start with we need to become partners with ourselves, each other and with the planet we all share and depend on. We should ask the right questions and truly listen to the answers. We need to learn the lessons of our mutual experiences and retain the knowledge gained. Learn the lessons from our mistakes

We should use the wisdom and judgement of our capable intellect to humbly share with, love, appreciate and respect our fellow inheritance. We need to understand fully, without prejudice that every atom, every molecule in this existence, every animal, beast or microbe, every single human being, no matter their status or relative importance, is equally dependent upon each other, in the greater scheme of things. We need each other to thrive. Maybe if we can grasp that we can move onto the next phase.


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