MINOR FORMULA is an eco-conscious clothing brand and creative platform deeply rooted in music, art and street culture.

Our logo, the lotus flower, symbolises an important message for us. The lotus grows out of the mud, blossoming beautifully despite the harsh environment in which it grew. Similarly, we encourage those we work with to grow out of the mud, through unfavourable circumstances, into their full potential.   

Our high quality and sustainably sourced organic clothing range is designed, printed and finished in house with support from local suppliers and has been used as the wardrobe for BBC and Netflix drama ‘You Don’t Know Me’ and for a recent campaign by Caterpillar Footwear.

The MINOR FORMULA clothing store opened in 2020 in the heart of Moseley, Birmingham. The store acts as a community hub where we welcome everyone into a safe space to meet new people and express themselves freely.

Alongside our clothing line we also host ‘Synchro City’ live music events and produce ‘Unsullied’ live music performances from unsigned artists that are recorded live, edited and produced by the MINOR FORMULA MEDIA team.

MINOR FORMULA is a family of forward-thinking individuals with the aim to facilitate cultural expression and support independent creatives through our work. 

We want to promote collaboration amongst our community and champion the young, talented people we meet. From models to musicians and photographers to painters, MINOR FORMULA encourages those working within all creative industries and want to inspire growth and success.

If you would like to work with us, please contact us using the email addresses below.




General enquiries: contact@minforformula.com

Media enquiries: media@minorformula.com

Event enquiries: events@minorformula.com

Our Instagram: @minor.formula