A family of creative, forward thinking, conscientious individuals.
Our mission is to find light in dark places, spread love and raise the collective consciousness.

With deep roots in music, art, and street culture we have created a platform
to facilitate cultural expression, curate content and collaborate with and support independent creatives.
Our concepts are inspired from the lives we have lived and the world we intend to create.
This feeds into our sustainably sourced clothing range, photography,
music videos, graphic design, blogs, pop ups shops and events, styling and direction.

Undefined by traditions of social normality, you’ll see that most of our designs are an evolution
of our motif, the sacred lotus flower. This symbolises an important message for us.
The lotus flower grows slowly under and out of the mud, eventually blossoming into
something strikingly beautiful despite the harsh environment in which it grew.
The lotus does not lose its colour.
Similarly, each and every soul is encouraged to grow out of the mud,
through any unfavourable circumstances, into the lotus they were destined to be.

Chū yūní ér bù rǎn
Grow out of the mud and keep your colour.