Fate and fortune

Are you disappointed with your lot in life? Do you constantly feel as if you are not fulfilling your goals which leaves you feeling unfulfilled and inadequate?
Well you shouldn’t…

We live in a world where we are told that our worth is measurable in such derisory and elementary terms that unless your existence fulfils certain gaugeable parameters, well you might as well not exist. We are led to believe that based on gender, race, wealth and many other valueless variables that we are less, insufficient and not worthy. And we believe it.

We sometimes count our life experiences, in terms of losses and gains, good results and bad. We rely sometimes on triggers to make us happy and believe sadness is the obvious answer negative occurrences. How we see ourselves is often the biggest problem we face.

Remember we make and follow our own rules!

Every element of this universe has its place, has its time and has its purpose. Every organisation has leaders and workers, every army has its foot soldiers, and its generals, and every football team its squad of players and supporting staff working together to make things work. And army with nothing but generals would be as ineffective as a football team with eleven strikers and no defence. Every element of the universe is intrinsic to every other element to make it work.

Each soul is unique and vitally important to the construct of our world. Everyone has a role to play, no matter how small or seemingly unimportant. You may yet not know or understand your purpose, but know you have one. Every soul is valuable. Every existence is for a reason. The answers to who, what and why are sometimes illusive, difficult to comprehend or appreciate or sometimes just not what we thought we wanted. Irrespective of the complexities, we should play our best selves, play our parts with honesty and vigour.

There are those amongst us who enjoy enormous wealth, privilege and power and those with almost nothing that will both share the ultimate truths of life that we all experience, happiness, sadness, loss, gain, love, hate, anger sorrow and joy. We all have the capacity to be human, because that’s what we are. Do not judge yourself or others on contrived answers before you have truly asked yourself a few questions, neither make decisions based on ignorance and other negative emotions.

Along our journey, we all we make a few misjudgements, make a few mistakes, honestly you will… we all will, every one of us. It is so easy in this superfast paced and ultra-complicated society that we have developed, it is inevitable that we will make errors, we are only human. But if we think, question and contemplate, we can learn from every mistake. We can turn at least some of our negatives into positives. We can grow.

It is no wonder that in some of our societies we do not regard ourselves as mature adults until the age of eighteen, or in some instances twenty-one. We have complicated our existence to an extent that it is increasingly difficult to achieve adulthood without many years of training. So many rules, so many useless classifications and false directives it is easy for anyone to become confused, to make errors in judgement and decisions which may not be wholesome or helpful.

But is also reasonably easy to reconcile with a little self-query, with a pause to think and justify ones conscience.

You are part of the universe made from the same stuff as stars and everything thrown at you by the universe is intended for you to learn from or simply experience.

There will be nothing thrown in your way that you cannot handle, so handle it.


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