Time is the master… have you ever heard that maxim? If you haven’t, it’s probably about time that you had. If you pardon the pun. If you think about it, Time is essential factor in all of our lives and the value of time is immeasurable. It is no coincidence that our language is littered with time based idioms. Timing is everything. Just in time. It’s about time. All conceivable life is inextricably tied to the relentless unstoppable process of time. From the irresistibly compelling ebb and flow of the tides to the gestation periods allocated to each species down to the very beating of our hearts, the entire universe is timed with an awesome synchronicity. No matter how unconventional your life may be or how chaotic you think events are, isn’t everything still governed by the rising and setting of the sun? The advance and retreat of night? The seasons? The millions of sequenced occurrences which we as inhabitants of the earth have no actual power to resist or control, oh how we wish we could… And we do try… but are instead ruled by its laws and regulations. As a species we often find ourselves at odds with our concepts of time and feel propelled into unnecessary and un-winnable conflict with time instead of working together with the knowledge of the inevitability of the procedures and processes dictated by time and using them to our advantage. We are always fight against the inexorable process and ravages of time, the processes of growth and ageing and then we endeavour to speed up the natural processes with which our sustenance is provided.

Fast is good… and very fast is even better… our very cognizance is pitched to be about alacrity, hurry and urgency, yet we fear the movement of time. We have been indoctrinated with a concept of lateness. Not being in or on time. A time negative, an illusory deficit with which we are motivated to haste and not to wait, while Taking your time… indicates weakness. Our psyche is being tuned to the relentless tick tocking of a commercial programme and we are drawn away from the beneficial subservience to time that we owe to ourselves. We are always in a hurry to affect ourselves and our imagined destinies. Angry and frustrated when circumstances and conditions slow down our charge to be where we think we should be, instead of appreciating and making positive expenditure where and when we actually are. We could turn any circumstance, even if they are perceived to be negative into the erudition openings that are. Time is as natural as nature itself. It is not for control or defeat. As with nature, it is for tuning into, for cooperation, for collaboration. At any point in time, in any given situation, you are never going to be anywhere else than where you are actually supposed to be and whatever is actually happening is really happening. You cannot change that.

Rather than be negative or combative about time, it is better to use every borrowed moment to be positive. Learn something about that moment, learn something about yourself and use that given time to be the best you. A moment spent complaining about the negatives which affect us at any time, is time wasted. As they say, you can’t turn back time… so use the so called mistakes we all make as lessons. Use the various situations and circumstances we find ourselves in, even if they are negative or difficult to deal with as a training exercise.

Use the various problems, challenges and stumbling blocks which will inevitably present themselves in all of our lives as sign posts, as indicators. If something you wanted to happen, no matter how desperately, hasn’t happened, guess what, it wasn’t supposed to happen. At least not yet. It can be very difficult to be placated with such parables as we despair at our lack of control in terms of event, it’s like saying “time is a healer” to someone who is recently bereaved. It may be too soon in terms of time for that individual to absorb that vibration. But, it is reassuringly constructive to know that there is a truth in time. When things are supposed to happen, they will. If it’s your time, you will notice. And if it’s not, maybe you need a little more time to refine yourself for the task before you. We can grow with time, we can learn with time, we can get better with time. Experience and enlightenment all come with time. What we have to do is take our time.


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